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Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
11:48 am - Poetry Slam at Burning Man!


Are you or anyone in your scene attending Burning Man, the 9-day gathering celebrating radical self-expression and radical inclusion in the Nevada Desert?

If so, I shall be hosting a Poetry Slam the first Monday (the night of the Eclipse) at the Silicon Village (Silicon Valley locals camp), and I NEED poets! This is my first time attending the Burn and I'm getting my camp fees waived for doing this, so please help a virgin out!

Please contact me off-channel at werd2thenerd AT yahoo if so, or call (fur oh ate mine sex oh fur vibe mine oh).

Oh, if anyone is curious as to MY identity (considering this is my first post), I usually perform under the name of Tristissima (I have 7 others, including my name on these boards), I've been slamming in San Jose for, garsh, six and a half years, and I was on the Santa Clara University Collegiate Team 2004 and the Palo Alto Team 2005 and 2006

Thanks guys!

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Sunday, April 8th, 2007
5:21 pm - San Jose Slam Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my dears, long time no see. Obviously the San Jose Poetry Slam has been undergoing some serious changes. We’ve now officially moved to once a month for the slam (2nd Tuesday) and once a month for the open mic (4th Tuesday). What does this mean for you? Well, hopefully it means that you will make sure to come those two Tuesdays and make sure to tell your friends, because poets need an audience to feed off of. On our end, we are going to do our best to make these two shows incredible. Just for you!

Our next slam is this Tuesday! We are going to be featuring two of the members from the Berkeley College Team who just got back from college nationals, where, I’ve heard, they did an amazing job, and got into finals. I’m not sure what happened from there, but I’m sure they’ll fill us in on Tuesday. You will be experiencing the awesome talent of Miguel Peraza and Abe Becker. Miguel brings raw energy to the mic. When he speaks on topics of family, nation, and matters of the heart, it is delivered with a hip hop beat and naked emotional intensity. Abe Becker is a published author in the cal literary arts magazine. He came onto the slam scene and made a team after doing slam for only 2 months. If you want to see the future of slam, don’t miss this feature!

In other important slam news, we’ve schedule the San Jose Poetry Slam finals for May 11th. This, ladies and gentlemen, means it’s crunch time. As you can see by the standings (below), the eight that will be in finals is still up for grabs. This means that this, the second to last slam before finals, will be HOT. The rankings could change considerably, depending on who shows up to try to steal a spot. Most of the poets listed below have a genuine shot, so the finals line up is still very far from determined.

As always, we will have poets, poetry, and beer! We look forward to seeing you again.

~Kat Dietrich

San Jose Poetry Slam
Brittania Arms
173 Santa Clara St . San Jose , CA
$6 at the door Every Tuesday

San Jose Standings:

Name Point Total

Bundy 17
Tristisima 13
G. Wilikers 10
Kat 8
Drew 8
Bill Peckham 7
Andrew Love 7
D. Silence 6
Verse 6
Chris Lok 4
Kyle Houston 4
Joel Valdez 3
Lynn 3
Caramel 3
veRse 3
Daniel Rollings 2
Kim Johnson 2
Khalil 2
Jennifer 2
Big Nate 2
Mac Dennis 2
Lucky 7 2
Frohawk 2
Max 2
Gerard 1
Antoine Moore 1
Charles Ellik 1
Rob Nevel 1
Paul Sawyer 1
Chris Barnes 1
Amanda 1

Open Mic 1 point
Hosting 1 point
1st place 4 points
2nd place 3 points
3rd place 2 points
Bar Brawl (win) 2 points
Belt Battle 2 points

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Monday, December 11th, 2006
5:29 pm - San Jose Poetry Slam Update

Loves and Lovers, last Tuesday just had one of those warm fuzzy feelings. It was an almost reunion of the members of the 2006 San Jose Slam Team (minus Anthony R. Miller).

Notice all of the capitols in that last paragraph? Yeah, that is because of the power of slam! It turns regular letters into big-girl adult letters. Hey! I should write all of my updates at the bar while drunk.

Chris Bundy was our drunken host (filling in for Kyle who was feeling a bit ill), and Andi Kauth was an awesome feature. She’s so young (still a teenager), but with such talent. We all wish we could write like her when we were her age. Rebels Kamp provided background music for the open mic. A two for one deal, really—poetry AND music. Careful, or we will live up to our beatnik heritage. Next time, everyone bring black berets! (Not really. Ok, I guess; if you really want to.)

[Note from Kat Sanford: Kat D. is way more drunk than her writing thus far may seem. i.e.: There was actually a sentence about diapers, but she changed it. Yeah. Drunk.]

Speaking of Kat Sanford, guess who will be your feature this week? That’s right. Ms. Kat Sanford. Kat Sanford was raised by wolves, who, during her terrible twos, left her on the doorstep of two lovely, churchgoing people in California . She has been compared to Tom Waits, Bette Midler, Ricki Lee Jones, and Bea Arthur, in no particular order, by at least a couple of drunk and/or gay men.

Kat was on the SF/Berkeley Unified Poetry Slam Team in 2003, co-coached the Palo Alto Slam Team to 23rd in the nation in 2004, and has volunteered like mad at National events ever since. She is the authorette(!) of three chapbooks: You Were Warned, Talk With Your Eyes, and Sleeping With Bears. She also sold a CD while on tour with Ed Zeppelin in 2005, but can’t even remember what she called it.

Kat lives in Oakland with two cats, seven gerbils, two lizards, and a couple of disgruntled human beings. Someday she plans to get a house with her girlfriend, Erica, who has her heart set on owning a giraffe.

As always, we will have poets, poetry, and beer! We look forward to seeing you again.

~Kat Dietrich & the San Jose Poetry Slam
Brittania Arms
173 Santa Clara St . San Jose , CA

$6 at the door Every Tuesday

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Friday, December 3rd, 2004
12:43 am

(Please let me know if this post isn't welcome here; I'll remove it at once.)

I've created a community that's intended to act as a virtual poetry slam. Rather than simply submitting poetry, poets are encouraged to post audio recordings. It's the next best thing to reading at a slam, plus you'll wind up with constructive criticism to better your performance for next time.

Please swing by and take a look...


-crossposted all over-

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
10:19 am - Urban Campfires, Nov. 21 in San Jose
urbancampfires Aural Tradition presents Urban Campfires
Miriam Sachs Martin, Ted Gehrke and Robert Pesich
with world premiere performances in every set

San Jose, CA, November 5, 2004—Aural Tradition is proud to present its next showcase of quality spoken word artistry— Urban Campfires: An Evening of Spoken Word—with new, never-seen-before performances in every set.

· When: Sunday 21 November 2004 at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
· Where: For Your Journey, 1435 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126
· Cost: $8 general admission, $6 for members of Aural Tradition.

Urban Campfires is Aural Tradition’s quarterly showcase that spotlights spoken word artists who are at the top of their game. The showcase celebrates spoken word and performance poetry while also creating the opportunity to expose San Jose to the beauty and appeal of this art form.

Urban Campfires is a migrating show that is held at different venues each time. Aural Tradition is pleased to be working with For Your Journey Inspirational Center and the opportunity to hold the show in this spirituality bookstore and creativity workspace.

The November 21 Urban Campfires is one step closer to realizing Aural Tradition’s mission of promoting the art of spoken word in its various forms; this time with three prominent page poets.

This show’s line-up includes Miriam Sachs Martin, Ted Gehrke and Robert Pesich.
· Miriam Sachs Martin is the host of San Jose’s longest running open-mic, Fierce Words Tender: a monthly women’s voice open reading. She also hosts the monthly Delivery Room open-mic out of MACLA in downtown San Jose.
· Ted Gehrke is a celebrity among San Jose’s former AJAX Lounge literati and author of “Donate Me to your Favorite Charity.” He also manages the annual Fountain Blues Festival for San Jose State University.
· Robert Pesich is San Jose’s heavy-hitter among page poets. He is the poetry editor for The Montserrat Review, and serves as media relations officer for Poetry Center San Jose. Dragonfly Press published his book of poetry, “Burned Kilim,” in 2001.

Urban Campfires will have something for everyone, regardless of how familiar they are with the talent or their work. The show guarantees original, world premiere pieces from each performer.

For more information contact William Jeske, manager of Urban Campfires, at 408-858-3332 or at uc@auraltradition.com.
# # #

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
12:53 am


Just got back from Bomb Shelter and it was, well, Da Bomb!
(and that may be the first time I've ever actually typed that phrase)

The crowd was lethargic from the heat as they began gathering for the show: regulars, staff, poets, first-timers.  All of us were pretty worn out from a three day weekend followed by one of the hottest days of the year in San Jose.  But Waves came through with thair conditioning and much to the surprise of all (including myself) my energy picked up quicky once I started my first hosting duties of the 2004-2005 season at Waves.

Luckily, the audience energy picked up as well, and we all just had fun reading/hearing some killer poetry and spoken word, gettin' drunk, and basically havin' a good time.  These are the nights that remind us why we really do this every week.  Cause it's f-in' fun!

We were too lethargic to book a feature, so we expanded the show to a total of four rounds and it was well worth it. Seven performers took the mic for the lightning & thunder rounds including our visitor from the Southland: Derrick Brown.  Four poets advanced past the cut with

bexrousse  squaring off against mentula  and tristissima  squaring off against Derrick Brown (probably has an LJ account, but I don't know it :( ).

Our final round led to a head-to-head competition with bexrousse edging out trisitissima to take home the glory and 20% of the night's take!  Congrats Becky!

We still had some time to play with, so we had a head-to-head between Kyle and Derrick to determnie that Kyle earned third for the night and followed that up with some additional work from SJ scene newcomer Greg, SJ scene old-timer Bill Peckham, and a couple pieces from the well-snockered Anthony R. Miller and Eril Sanchez.

All in all, I heard great reviews from the audience members: good drinks, good poetry, good fun.  I think we may have even made another new regular or two as well :)


Next Tuesday night is the first official Slam of the season with Team Berkeley 2004 as our feature performers.  So that's not a night to miss.


And if you're interested in reppin' for San Jose at either iWPS or NPS 2005, don't forget that you earn points toward qualifying at every open-sign up night at Waves: Bomb Shelter, SJ Slam, and Bar Brawl, so get to writin' folx!

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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
3:04 pm - Pirate Night - August 31st

Avast Ye Mateys!

Aural Tradition presents: Pirate Night At Waves!
Special Guests: Mike McGee & Shane Koyczan

Open-Mic with Prizes for Most Piratical Performances
Dress as a Pirate and get Discounted Admission
(performances and discounts will be judged by our Professional Pirate Panel)

Although this is primarily a spoken word event, piratical performances of any sort are welcome!

Doors open @ 7:30
Sign-up @ 8:00
Show starts @ 8:30

Cover: $6 / Members: $5 / Pirates: $0-$6

Waves Smokehouse & Saloon
65 Post St., San Jose
18 and over w/ id

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
5:51 pm - LAST CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To see the Santa Clara University Broncos Have Hearts Too National Collegiate Poetry Slam Team (I like long names, OK? So sue me! No, wait, don't ) before they head off to College Nationals at Berkeley.

That's right, SCU will be competing against the rest of the top 20 schools in the nation and will kick SO much praeda (that's boot-AY in Latin).

So, come on down to Conference Room 21, a nice, intimate room downstairs in Benson Memorial Center (right next to the store), for a quiet (well, some of us MAY be quiet at least ) and personal poetry slam on Wednesday, March 10th.

It IS still the only college slam in the South Bay and ANYONE is welcome to perform -- the more competition we face from ya'll, the less we'll sweat as we defeat the rest of the school teams -- so come on down at 8 if you want to sign up and 830 if you just want to watch.

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 8th, 2004
1:51 pm - Busy week for San Jose spoken word!

Aural Tradition is presenting four shows this week!  That's in addition to the WPF: Invasion that occured in Palo Alto yesterday (show report at wpf  )...
Tuesday, March 9th-
San Jose Poetry Slam
Waves Smokehouse
65 Post St.
Sign-up 8pm, Show 8:30
This will be a standard two round slam hosted by Ms. D and is one of your last chances to earn points towards semi-finals and representing San Jose at NPS 2004 in St. Louis this August!
Our feature for the week will be Khalil Mustafa, 2002 Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Champion!!  Khalil is an amazing poet and this feature is srely not to be missed!
Details/Directions: http://www.sanjoseslam.com
Wednesday, March 10th-
Broncos Have Hearts Too!
Santa Clara University
This is your last chance to see the SCU Slam Team before they head off to college nationals to compete against he top 20 college slam teams in the nation!
And it's a FREE show with CASH prizes!!!! WooHoo!!!
Details/Directions: http://scu.auraltradition.com
Saturday March 13th-
Two events in one day!
Youth Poetry Workshop
Morgan Hill Library
After the success of Aural Tradition's youth workshop/slam at the Milpitas Library we're doing it again in South County!!
Paradox will be the facilitator for this Saturday afternoon workshop.
FREE wisodm from one of San jose's masters!
WPF: Melee
sign-up 7:30, Show 8:30
Everyone's been talking about the last Melee!  It had a flying baby, lusty limerick lasses, tag team madness, and a Main Event that may never be topped.  Make sure you'er not sitting around next week saying "Man, I missed it again!"
What's on the card this week?
Movie Mayhem Bout in honor of San Jose's Cinequest Film Festival
Haiku From Hell!  Bring at least three haiku and sign-up to take on the WPF Short Form Champion and Bay Area Haiku legend, Charles Ellik for cash and glory!
Main Event: Intercontinental Championship Bout!
Five rounds of the current champ, Jason Bayani defending his title against the 5th ranked poet in the world, Paradox!
If you saw Paradox call Jason out (in the middle of last week's Main Event) then you nkow both these boys are aeriously gonna bring it!
Plus open sign-up so YOU can compete! And remember EVERY PERFORMER GETS PAID! Win or lose!
Details/Directions: http://www.poetrybout.com

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Sunday, February 29th, 2004
2:47 pm

This Thursday was the fifth Broncos Have Hearts Too poetry slam at Santa Clara University, and it was a truly rocking time! Damn, I sound like I’m from the 50s, huh? Or maybe Dick Clark.

But anyway! This week we had some new faces and new voices, and many of the poets were showing off the impressive scholastic tradition of good ol’ Santa Clara University! Highlights from our first round included Michael Gustie taking on the guise of Diogenes the Cynic. You gotta respect a man who brings the classics back into the modern day, and that’s not JUST my Latin major speaking either! After telling us that she had vowed to give up King Arthur poems for Lent, our resident mythographer Lauren Karp gave us a perhaps much-needed insight into one of Western culture’s most famous adulterers, Queen Guinevere. I myself came up to the mic for the second time in the BHH2 run (thanks Aahz for hosting! We love ya!), with a rendition of “Seed People” that was just good enough to get me into the second round by the skin of my teeth. Finally, David Canavese, a good friend of mine since high school (coming up on 8 years! Damn!) came with a pantoum illustrating that digital watches are not all bubbles and smiling faces!

When the second round convened, David returned to the mic with a limerick about attempted domestic abuse! Luckily, the husband in the poem knew how to catch! I returned with my signature piece about tattoos that had many people staring blankly—I mean meditatively considering my imagery! Yeah, that’s it! Lauren, remembering her Lent fast, came back with a poem about robins, roses, and death that had our host Aahz in amazement and childlike wonder. I hear he’s looking to book her for the WPF for a story bout! Of course, San Jose’s favorite storyteller is living in Japan right now, but I’m sure we can find some lucky foo—I mean poet to take her on! Mike also came to the mic with a poem about “mumbling something”. Those bits of it I could understand had me bouncing with hope and excitement for the Broncos Have Hearts Too National College Poetry Slam Team 2004 (I like long names ).

When the dust settled, Lauren and Mike were so close in scores that they split the prize money between them! This bodes well for the Team, as both of these fine poets are members, along with Santigie Fofanadura and myself. Go Broncos!

The next BHH2 is March 10th, in Conference Room 21. That's in Benson Memorial Center, downstairs, next to the store. Nationals are in April, so this is the last performance by members of the team before they win the whole enchilada. Come and cheer them on! It will still be an open slam, so anyone and everyone (and your little dog too!) is encouraged to read! Any further info or questions and comments you have can be asked either here or on Aural Tradition's Broncos Have Hearts Too Message Board. Check us out!

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
12:32 pm - Ian Shoales event in the news!

There's a write-up for Saturday night's Evening With Merle Kessler / Ian Shoales show in the Willow Glen Resident (and related papers) this week!!!

You can read it online here or pick up a copy of the Wilow Glen Resident, the Los Gatos Weekly, the Cupertino Courier, the Sunnyvale Sun, the Campbell Reporter, or the Saratoga News from a driveway near you!


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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
4:28 pm - New LJ Community for the SCU Poetry Slam

Anyone interested in Santa Clara University's Broncos Have Hearts Too Poetry Slam should join bhh2_scu_slam.

It may be small, but some amazing new voices, unheard anywhere else, are speaking at our events. Check it out! (Also, it will be less small -- and maybe become not-small! -- if ya'll come to check it out, hinthint :-) )

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
2:25 pm - No SJ Slam tonight, but plenty of action this week!


Due to last year's Mardi Gras riots in downtown San Jose we've cancelled tonight's San Jose Poetry Slam, but that doesn't mean Aural Tradition is sitting on its laurels...


Thursday night: Broncos Have Hearts Too!!

The Santa Clara University Poetry Slam will be swinging for the fences with some serious mic-rockin' and a few big announcements as well.  Full details at http://scu.auraltradition.com


Saturday night: WPF: Melee!!

The only open sign-up show in the world (that we know of) where every performer gets paid!!  That's right, win or lose, you'll go home with cash in your pocket if you compete in the Head-to-Head Poetic Battlestm at this World Poetry Federationtm event!  Full details in the wpf LJ community.


Also Saturday Night: An Evening with merle Kessler / Ian Shoales

NPR and Salon.com's favorite crank will be shring two hours of story and song in a one-man show called Floyd City. This is a one night only Aural Tradition exclusive that is not to be missed!  Full details at http://www.auraltradition.com/ianshoales.htm and samples if his old columns can be read at http://forums.auraltradition.com


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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
9:57 pm - Verbal Flavors report 2/20

If you weren’t at the last Verbal Flavors…

The one and only Late night open mic in the south bay Rocked out to a full house on the night of the 20th in the month of February. Complete with full sign up sheet, we got the show kicked off at 11:30

First performer up to the mic took both the edge off and the crowds hearts by Breaking out with a guitar solo and a song… He did an awesome job and I think everyone else at the show would like him to come back  2 now Verbal Flavors Regulars, Jasmin Pamucku and Caitlin, respectively, took the stage and shared unheard pieces, which placed a smile on at least my face... Alex then took the stage and shared a sweet song poem from the heart with the rest of the crowd… this night was full of smiles…Rob read a piece on the question of Slam Poetry being and art… i saw bunches of nods to this piece  Pioneer slam boy Kyle read one of my favorite pieces of his, a piece about music, rhythm and love… tristissima wanted to time a piece for WPF: Melee, which has a 5 minute time limit… the piece he read timed out to a whopping 8 minutes and 6 seconds!!! Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that you have a 6 minute time limit at Verbal Flavors!!  Love you dude! Amber came to the mic next, as the second to last poet for the first round, and read for the first time ever! We love our first timers!!!! Big Nate Da Poet, who I have ties to through high school, read a piece that would blow the administration away! Joseph, our main man when it comes to the ice cream business, came up and jammed for the first time on his electric guitar… as I said, we love our first timers!

After a 10 minute break, WPF Invaded the show… I cant tell you too much about it, but my friend Chloe could ;-) Or, you can just go to the website and check it out 

The night carried on full of requests, new poetry, and even a restraint near the end of the night… all in all an awesome show… YOU SHOULD GO TO THE NEXT ONE!

Which will be on Friday, March 19th  at 11:30

Verbal Flavors
3155 Mission College Blvd ( in the Mercado Shopping Center)
show starts at 11:30 

See you all there!

<3s to all and to all a good night!

Your hostess,
~*~ aubs ~*~

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Friday, February 20th, 2004
5:56 pm - An Evening With Merle Kessler / Ian Shoales - ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

Aural Tradition is proud to bring Merle Kessler (a.k.a. Ian Shoales) to San Jose for a one-man, one-night show titled “Floyd City.”

• When: Feb. 28 at 8 p.m.

• Where: Kohlstedt Hall at the Willow Glen United Methodist Church at 1420 Newport Avenue (at the corner of Minnesota Avenue)

• Cost: $10 per person at the door. $8 for members of Aural Tradition.

Most widely known as the bitter crank and rapid-fire ranting Ian Shoales heard on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition” and seen on ABC’s nightly “World News Now,” Merle Kessler will be his mild mannered self in his one-man spoken word show. However, he will share some of Ian’s rants and songs toward the end of the show.

“Floyd City” tells of Kessler’s childhood and coming-of-age in this North Dakota town during the 1950’s, told through stories and songs about a place and time when America was grappling with television, civil rights and the Cold War.
Mr. Kessler is a cofounder of the Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre comedy troupe, in which he introduced the character of Ian Shoales and also helped create the mock Q&A science show “Ask Dr. Science,” with Dan Coffey.

He is the author of “Ian Shoales’ Perfect World” (Viking/Penguin, 1988), “I Gotta Go: The Collected Commentary of Ian Shoales” (Putnam/Perigee, 1985), and a second collection of essays titled, “Not Wet Yet” (2.13.61 Publications, 1997).

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