et alia laughing and weeping (tristissima) wrote in auraltradition,
et alia laughing and weeping

LAST CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To see the Santa Clara University Broncos Have Hearts Too National Collegiate Poetry Slam Team (I like long names, OK? So sue me! No, wait, don't ) before they head off to College Nationals at Berkeley.

That's right, SCU will be competing against the rest of the top 20 schools in the nation and will kick SO much praeda (that's boot-AY in Latin).

So, come on down to Conference Room 21, a nice, intimate room downstairs in Benson Memorial Center (right next to the store), for a quiet (well, some of us MAY be quiet at least ) and personal poetry slam on Wednesday, March 10th.

It IS still the only college slam in the South Bay and ANYONE is welcome to perform -- the more competition we face from ya'll, the less we'll sweat as we defeat the rest of the school teams -- so come on down at 8 if you want to sign up and 830 if you just want to watch.

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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