et alia laughing and weeping (tristissima) wrote in auraltradition,
et alia laughing and weeping

Poetry Slam at Burning Man!

Are you or anyone in your scene attending Burning Man, the 9-day gathering celebrating radical self-expression and radical inclusion in the Nevada Desert?

If so, I shall be hosting a Poetry Slam the first Monday (the night of the Eclipse) at the Silicon Village (Silicon Valley locals camp), and I NEED poets! This is my first time attending the Burn and I'm getting my camp fees waived for doing this, so please help a virgin out!

Please contact me off-channel at werd2thenerd AT yahoo if so, or call (fur oh ate mine sex oh fur vibe mine oh).

Oh, if anyone is curious as to MY identity (considering this is my first post), I usually perform under the name of Tristissima (I have 7 others, including my name on these boards), I've been slamming in San Jose for, garsh, six and a half years, and I was on the Santa Clara University Collegiate Team 2004 and the Palo Alto Team 2005 and 2006

Thanks guys!
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