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Verbal Flavors report 2/20

If you weren’t at the last Verbal Flavors…

The one and only Late night open mic in the south bay Rocked out to a full house on the night of the 20th in the month of February. Complete with full sign up sheet, we got the show kicked off at 11:30

First performer up to the mic took both the edge off and the crowds hearts by Breaking out with a guitar solo and a song… He did an awesome job and I think everyone else at the show would like him to come back  2 now Verbal Flavors Regulars, Jasmin Pamucku and Caitlin, respectively, took the stage and shared unheard pieces, which placed a smile on at least my face... Alex then took the stage and shared a sweet song poem from the heart with the rest of the crowd… this night was full of smiles…Rob read a piece on the question of Slam Poetry being and art… i saw bunches of nods to this piece  Pioneer slam boy Kyle read one of my favorite pieces of his, a piece about music, rhythm and love… tristissima wanted to time a piece for WPF: Melee, which has a 5 minute time limit… the piece he read timed out to a whopping 8 minutes and 6 seconds!!! Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that you have a 6 minute time limit at Verbal Flavors!!  Love you dude! Amber came to the mic next, as the second to last poet for the first round, and read for the first time ever! We love our first timers!!!! Big Nate Da Poet, who I have ties to through high school, read a piece that would blow the administration away! Joseph, our main man when it comes to the ice cream business, came up and jammed for the first time on his electric guitar… as I said, we love our first timers!

After a 10 minute break, WPF Invaded the show… I cant tell you too much about it, but my friend Chloe could ;-) Or, you can just go to the website and check it out 

The night carried on full of requests, new poetry, and even a restraint near the end of the night… all in all an awesome show… YOU SHOULD GO TO THE NEXT ONE!

Which will be on Friday, March 19th  at 11:30

Verbal Flavors
3155 Mission College Blvd ( in the Mercado Shopping Center)
show starts at 11:30 

See you all there!

<3s to all and to all a good night!

Your hostess,
~*~ aubs ~*~
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